Eight months of River

My boy, you are 8 months already! How did it happen? Seems like we just brought you home from a hospital. Your smile makes everybody happy.  We love you very much, River <3 Read More

3 months photo shoot

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River’s first July

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Land of Ice

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Venice Beach

I went to photograph this place three times. And waited a week before published this post. I was sick, but the main reason is Venice Beach is not my place. This place is not for me. But it doesn’t mean I don’t like to visit Venice Beach. You can meet 100 talented people in one Read More

Manhattan Beach

How did I live without the ocean?! Without sunsets and sunrises there. I can’t answer this question to myself, because now I know for sure that people here much happier. And I wanna be a happy person 🙂 It doesn’t matter that I can’t swim. I enjoy seeing waves crush, kids playing, seagulls flying around. Read More

May grey day

Do you miss sunny weather? I do. June gloom started too early this year 🙂 But I know, summer is coming! Yesterday morning, after my BNI meeting I had a short walk on the beach. Hermosa Beach. It is a very very nice place, where people can surf, play volleyball, workout or just walk. And this Read More

Tivat 2016

In love with Montenegro…<3     Read More

Paris 2016

I want to show you, guys, several pictures from our short vacation in Paris. It was so cold and windy, that the first thing we did-bought hat and scarves. I wish I could find gloves and take more pictures, but … Paris is beautiful, and we definitely want to come back, but it will be Read More

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